Shahin's Space


My logo is a combination of my initials in both Arabic and English. The combination of merging 2 languages together were important to me because I am constantly expressing both cultures. I experimented with the swoosh of the S that is present in both letter forms. I kept the the full letter S in Arabic, rather than breaking it apart. If I had separated the letter then, users would not understand the letter. I also kept the logo mark in a vertical manner because it portrays the shape of an S regardless of seeing the the cursive S or the Arabic S. The form not only is an S but it also represents a hook. As a designer, my goal is always to create designs that will attract and “hook” a wide audience.


Utopian Dystopia


Students will manipulate photographs taken through Newark’s unique neighborhoods using methods and practices learned in classes. Primarily using Photoshop, student will be creating their own “worlds” combining architecture and landscapes.

Rutgers to Poland


Students were asked to create a study abroad poster to advertise the locations they would be visiting and the organizations they would be working with.


Fenty Beauty


Students will choose an article from a journalist major & create a piece relating to the article. Must incorporate geometric shapes. Students must follow the guidelines & placements of text and image.


The Lonely Books


This project consists of creating book cover series of 3 books that consist of a particular theme in a clear and cohesive approach, using a grid system.




This site was designed to display a collection of images collected from surveys on specific topics. It focuses on topics of different flavor’s of coffee, caffeine levels, best coffee beans, and a short bio of what coffee is made out of. I also created a mobile friendly version.

Who Can Relate


Students will choose an article from a journalist major & create a piece relating to the article. Must incorporate earth tones assigned to you as well as following the guidelines & placements of text and image.

Rearview 2




The currency project consists of the cultural research of a country of choice and the conception of a new currency. The assignment required intensive research and a good use of structure, typography & imagery. I decided to recreate Egypt’s currency due to the fact that it hasn’t been changed in centuries and there really isn’t any narrative in the currency itself. On the front of the currency its very decorative but once you flip the money, it portrays a timeline of written language thought centuries in a vertical manner


Modestly Glam


Modestly Glam is created for Muslim women who struggle to get glam’d up while wearing the hijab. I Created this mini step by step makeup tutorial as well as tutorials of different styles of hijab.


I stood at The border

Im/Migrant Voices & Stories Retold

The 2019 capstone will be an examination of im/migration. You will explore and assess the profound and lasting effects migration has on identity from various perspectives (cultural, generational, religious, geographical, racial, linguistic, etc), seen through the lense of communications design. You will mediate the relationship between formal design qualities/elements, communication, activism, and socially engaged design practices, through narratives that examine the personal, social and/or political effects of people’s migration.

Since 2011, the civil war in Syria has been the largest refugee crisis since World War. It is a war zone. This is why Syrians are migrating to other countries like Libya, Egypt, several countries in Europe, and ever further to the United States, to escape the violence and lead a normal life.

My project educates viewers about the history surrounding the conflicts in Syria, while showcasing the process of migrating of refugees to America. I discusses the difficult process of leaving one’s life, one’s home, as well as the emotional process of adjusting to a new home and set of rules. It is incredibly difficult to leave one’s life behind. Let’s help those who are displaced, arrive, stay and live in peace.